Mar. 25th, 2014 11:01 pm
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curse magic
Being possessed is the kind of thing that stays with you.

Open black eyes to the narrow path of infinity, and then --

Blink: Jane is at the lecturer's podium, mid-sentence in front of a full auditorium at Imperial College, when she suddenly becomes aware of a black spot tracking across her field of vision like the transit of Venus. Listening to her own voice trail, she realizes that she doesn't quite remember what she had been saying and she reaches back in her memory reflexively for the last three words.

They scatter. She thinks of the stray cats that Darcy feeds in the alley behind their apartment, hollow-bodied creatures refusing to let themselves be touched. She doesn't remember leaving the building that morning, doesn't remember if she locked the door or took transit to the campus. The tablet on her podium shows her a lecture slide she definitely prepared herself -- she procrastinated on setting up her materials and made the whole presentation at 2am the night before -- but the content is written in a language that suddenly seems alien to her.

"I'd like to switch gears for a minute," she says calmly, just as the students taking notes start to look up and the students already looking at her start to zone back in. "It's important to keep in mind that, while our understanding of astroparticle physics and cosmology and the universal origin is constantly becoming more sophisticated, new knowledge will always uncover new unknowns. No matter how long we study the cosmos, we'll never be able to reduce it to a general equation. The universe is made up of interactions, joined points, things smashing together and racing apart. Rather than looking at the gaps in our knowledge and thinking, how do I solve for this? it serves us better as scientists to look at the things we know and wonder, how do I connect these?"

A hand goes up in the middle of the hall. The man attached to it wants to know: "Should we be writing this down?"

"Only if you like," Jane tells him as the black spot obscures his face, a perfect eclipse. "I'm just thinking out loud."


Live safe, die anyway.

The cursed shall remain cursed.


Jan. 25th, 2014 04:33 am
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Yelling about porn battle prompts because there are things I want to write, hhhhhh.

Note to self:
Legacy of Kain
Metal Gear
Adam Jensen

Also don't forget about femslash february. Although.... maybe forget about 'femslash february' and just write femslash? I HAVE NO IDEA, WILL DECIDE IN FEB.

o wow

Jan. 6th, 2014 12:55 am
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The agony of knowing that I'll be back at work in 8 hours.

I don't even dislike work, why am I dreading this so much?
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I am gonna spend the whole day playing Warframe and going through the yuletide archive.

This will probably become a disorganized list of reading links!

yep )